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Turkey is one of the beautiful and historic place in the world. Istanbul & Cappadocia...
In Thailand,  We will provide you the best star hotels.......
Planning to Singapore ? We will provide you the best price in the market....
Hong kong is known as administrative region of Republic China,...
Dubai is a Unique Destination which is a tourist paradise with fascinating contrasts,...
Pattaya is known as Gold coast of Thailand and the most visited attractions in Bangkok is.....


We're Gonna make your dreams come true

Balu Mahesh

FlyHii Holidays are very professional tourism firm. They take very responsibility for each and every person. I have went some trips with them, they have provided me a decent food and very hygienic accommodation. Looking forward to have more trips with them.

Praveen Kumar

Tour with FlyHii holidays is like going with Family Members, They provide good facilities throughout the tour and with out any problem, they will make your trip most memorable one. I am looking forward to go with them again
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